Beginning Today

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything, here or anywhere else. Beginning today, I would love to put that to an end. Yes, this time, when the clocks ticks 12 and the ball drops in Times Square and people all over the world holler and take light painting photos for 2017, I would simply take 3 new resolutions. Nothing fancy. Nothing great. Just three.

What are they?

  1. Stick to my resolutions

I have made umpteen number of resolutions. This is of course, umpteen+1, but still I really wanted to stick to my resolutions and this seemed the best first one to make that I really had a chance to stick to.

2. Write more often. Think more often. Have more me-time.

Yes, resolutions or not, this is something I have been trying for since quite a long time and may be it’s high time I have put an end to everything that simply eats up my time. Maybe I need to watch more TV, ride the wind, listen to music and write & draw. Just me thinks me-things.

3. Make no more resolutions.

HELL YES! I mean, I have made SOOOOO many resolutions, that continuing the earlier count, this would be umpteen+3, but I am drawing a line here with this one. A pretty thick line. With red tape all around and flashing, warning lights and billboards screaming,”Do not break this resolution lest I regret making any more resolutions”, because I have been through all of them. No more TV. No more gaming. No more comics. No more cartoons. No more any more. I have got enough of resolutions, because I just can’t seem to stick to them.

So, I made 2 resolutions, which would help me stick to my resolutions for the rest of my life, because I just resolved to stick to my resolution that I would make no more resolutions. Pretty simple. Beginning today, make this one your resolution and by the end of 2017, you can proudly acclaim to the world that you have kept all your resolutions. And watch TV and eat pizza, guilt free. And take chocolate as a reward. Guilt comes when you give it a resolution ticket. I just gave mine a one way ticket to the Guil-o-tine.

Ahh. Peace. There I just made the deadline of the #Blogchatter Prompt. Beginning today, I should really start writing earlier…………




Did I just make a resolution? Again?

Thank goodness 2017 is still a little while away.

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