Quite an intriguing question. Yes, the dates are definitely new. The events are probably new (if history isn’t busy repeating itself). The people have newer personalities (but older heads and thinking). I am definitely old (and getting older).

But… but…. what is new? Other than someone new occupying the White House with a lot of new furniture. New topics for the newspapers to cry and scream about. Newer scandals for people to worry about. New millionaires for others to grumble about. New currency notes for the Indian people to scramble for. Newer cars for petrolheads to drool about. New competition for the oldies to think about. New phones for everyone to save for. Newer websites for almost anyone to keep a track off.

Hmm… ┬áit definitely seems new. But… but… fundamentally, at the basic level of it all, is it really new? Like, isn’t it all the same old package wrapped in a new cover? And haven’t we always been told not to judge a book by it’s cover? Has there been any new ground breaking discoveries? Has there been any new technologies that’s recently released into the market? Any new visionaries who have shown a better way for us all to live? Not really, at least, not yet. But is all that what means ‘new’ for us all? Okay, maybe for a few of the philosophical minds, but definitely not all of us. Then, what really would everyone call new?

What does ‘new’ mean? Definitely not something the PR campaign suddenly throws in your face and calls new. What could everybody without any reservations or second thoughts, call new?

A new way of thinking. A radically different viewpoint on something that you have always looked at from the same traditional point of view since ages, generations. Anyone out there got any for the others to learn about? Any out there who has got something new the world could learn? They are the ones having the real ‘New Year’.

Right. Rambling done and dusted. Now back to my corner of pensive thinking about the intricacies of life. And time. And nature. And thoughts. And visions.



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