About Me

Hello! Thank you for visiting my page which I have painstakingly borrowed from WordPress! 😛

I am Don Joe Martin.

A male, Taurean (DOB: 22.04.1995, for the doubters), an engineering student at BITS Pilani – Dubai Campus (in Dubai, UAE) from culturally rich India, living in the country called the melting pot of world cultures, the United Arab Emirates.

I do hope the posts on this blog, which will be a mix of my day to day experiences, thoughts & sometimes even my nostalgic moments, will enthrall you as much as it has enthralled me into writing them.

All of your suggestions and feedback can be fed into the big white comments box at the bottom or even on twitter (my handle @DonJoeMartin) or if you are not there too, there is always facebook (Don Joe Martin) or my email: donjoemartin@gmail.com .

Hoping to see you somewhere or maybe even, everywhere in those media I mentioned above. Biding adios,



(Participate in Blogathon: https://plus.google.com/u/0/102781110149238264493/posts)


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