The Merriam-Webster dictionary considers "team" to be a noun (a thing), an adjective (something to describe a thing) and a verb (an action) too. So, in a way it's an all-encompassing English word that dons multiple roles... I consider "team" to be the underlying basis of all humankind, because it can be used to explain … Continue reading Team?

The Magic of Hope

Time and again, we hope. We hope against fate, we hope for more time, we hope for some luck. We hope. How many ever times our hopes are turned awry by mischievous fate, how many every times our hopes go in vain, we will hope again, because when things finally do happen according to our … Continue reading The Magic of Hope

Eulogy for Time

Time, you ask? Time, you wonder? Time, you speculate? Time, passed away? Time, no more? Time, those incessantly falling sand grains in the hourglass. Time, those tick tocks which have become a background music of your life rather than the base track and the guiding symphony. Yes, it's that time that I talk about. Time, … Continue reading Eulogy for Time