Chapter J – Jill Freaks Out

Nurturers & Destructors is a serialized novel, created during the 2021 A2Z Challenge hosted by Blogchatter

Index & Prologue
Previously: Chapter I – Inquisitiveness, a Bane

As they closed their eyes, Jill & Zacharia could feel a bright light shining around them that would have definitely burnt their eyes had they been left open. After an excruciating moment of weightlessness and burn-your-eyes light, they suddenly felt like they had just landed on earth after jumping out of a tree. With the light gone, as they opened their eyes, they saw that they were back in their own rooms.

Hearing the thud upstairs, Deborah smiled as she realized that Zacharia had come back home. Jeremiah, who was lounging on the couch all this while, made as though he was going to go up, but Deborah signaled him to sit down. Reluctantly, he fell into the couch again and went back to channel surfing. Deborah went over to the bottom of the stairs and called out, “Hey Zach, do you want dinner or are you already turning in for the day?” “I am good… just a bit tired”, came the reply. Deborah just grinned and said, “Alright, buddy. Catch you tomorrow”.

Jeremiah, as usual, was skeptical. He asked, “Why are you grinning like we are going to Hawaii tonight?” She replied, “Well, if Dad managed to get him to Transmosis to his room so easily… that means there’s something in him. He is going to do great! I can’t wait to get him to join the Academy.” And Jeremiah just said with a smile, “Right… sure”, although he didn’t really know why his heart felt like it had been sunk into a pitcher of ice cold water.

Jill on the other hand, was freaking out. She had tried to see Grandpa Mike through her glasses, but he wasn’t reachable. So, she tried again… and again… and again, with no results. And then, she called Zacharia, who didn’t take the call either.

She started pacing around in worry. They had left their Grandpa behind to fend off against people who definitely didn’t mean good! If only she knew enough Elemental Science to go back and kick that Vasco’s… head. She really didn’t want to, but all the nervous pacing and anxiety wore her down and she fell asleep on the floor, curled up.

The next day morning, she was woken up by her mom pounding on her door and screaming, “Wake up, Jill! Waaake up now!” and she knew something was wrong. Fearing to hear the worst news about her Grandpa, she hastened to open the door, only to be greeted with her mom still screaming at the top of her voice and beating the air, where the door had just stood, very obviously oblivious that the door had opened and Jill wanted to hear what had happened. So, Jill caught her mom by her shoulders and shook her to break her out of her frenzy. And once she did, she screamed again, “You don’t have to go to school! School’s canceled… I mean, you can attend school from home! Yaayyyy! I am so happy.” And for probably the gazillionth time in two days, Jill went through the hula-hoop of confusion. Here she was worrying about her Grandpa and her mother was worrying about school?

“Mom, MOM… listen. Did you hear from Grandpa? He said he would be checking in today”, asked Jill, anxiously, cutting through her mother’s screams. And her mother replied, “Grandpa Mike? No. Why would he be worried about your schooling right now? He hasn’t said anything. He probably wouldn’t have heard anything about it either”

Jill was even more worried now. Closing her door, she went and put on her glasses. She tried to see her Grandpa and once again, he was unreachable. So, she called Zacharia, who was luckily available. “Hey Zach! Where the hell were you last night? Do you know where Grandpa is?” “Yes”, came Zacharia’s quiet reply.

“Yes? YES? You know where Grandpa is? Where is he?”, Jill freaked out even more. Zacharia chuckled lightly and said, “You don’t need to worry that much. Remember Grandpa told us that he is the Captain? I just poked around with some records that mom has and it turns out that he is the Captain Magnifico de la Grand Legionnaires. That means, he is one of the best Grand Legionnaire fighters out there. If anyone can destroy that scumbag Vasco, it’ll be him. Let’s give him an hour more… and then we’ll spill the news to our parents. Cool?” Jill was quiet. Zacharia realized that she wasn’t satisfied. He called out, “Hey Jilly Beans… you there? Everything cool?” After a couple more minutes, she said, “No. You don’t Jilly Bean me. Listen to me. I have the ring. I will give you 15 minutes. Search around, poke around, ask Aunt Debbie, I don’t care how, but figure out how to activate this. We are going back to the landing to find him.”


20 minutes later, on yet another Seeing call, Zacharia told her, “You have got to click the stone on the ring twice, mention the name or coordinates that you want to Transmosis to and then a list of the closest locations that support Transmosis will pop up on your right lens. Use the stone again to scroll up or down the list and after selecting the place you want, click the stone, close your eyes and be blinded while you Transmosis.”

Jill smiled and said, “That’s easy. See you in a moment. And let’s go get our Grandpa in another moment. Also, get your baseball bat. I am getting a knuckleduster.” Zacharia replied, “Okay… so many questions in my head right now. A. What is a baseball bat going to be against a Destructor who can rip up the very earth I am standing on and pummel me into a tree? And B. How even do you have a knuckleduster?” Jill countered, “Are you my cousin or my dad? Get ready in 2 and I mean 2 seconds, dimwit.”

“Kay, Jilly Beans”

3 seconds later, Zacharia and Jill had Transmosised onto the clearing they had left their Grandpa, the previous day. And as expected, they were in for a surprise.

Next: Chapter K – Killer of Songs

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