A Tad Incognito – Chapter 1

As she was being wheeled through the corridors of the hospital, the harsh lights from the LED tube lights kept cutting through the haze of pain caused by the wave of her contractions. It had been almost nine months, but she was finally here after what felt like a lifetime of waiting... she was going … Continue reading A Tad Incognito – Chapter 1

A Boring Tale of Skytunnels

Quite recently, a local newspaper featured an upcoming effort by an enterprising startup, who were looking to reduce the traffic on major roads by building sky tunnels... which to me, an uneducated outsider, definitely sounds like a bunch of convoluted bridges. Pardon me if that description's too crude, but let's not mince words where we … Continue reading A Boring Tale of Skytunnels

Eulogy for Time

Time, you ask? Time, you wonder? Time, you speculate? Time, passed away? Time, no more? Time, those incessantly falling sand grains in the hourglass. Time, those tick tocks which have become a background music of your life rather than the base track and the guiding symphony. Yes, it's that time that I talk about. Time, … Continue reading Eulogy for Time