Chapter F – Through the Looking Glass

Nurturers & Destructors is a serialized novel, created during the 2021 A2Z Challenge hosted by Blogchatter

Index & Prologue
Previously: Chapter E – A Third Degree Interrogation

“So, you are telling me that this pair of glasses is good for only seeing?”, Zacharia asked him mom, incredulously. Debbie answered, “It’s for Seeing, not only for seeing.” “That’s what I said, seeing. It’s only good for seeing… which I can already do with my existing pair of glasses”, Zacharia still cluelessly went on.

“With you usual pair, do you think you would be able to see our True Forms like you did at the Sunglass Hut? Do you think you can see the Touch? Do you really think you can See? Wait… okay. You still don’t know what I meant by See, do you?”, asked a very riled up Deborah. “Well, maybe… like I didn’t need the glass for fixing the sun flower. So, maybe…”, started Zacharia. Deborah let out what felt to her was the hundredth (actually, twelfth) exasperated sigh in the last 24 hours and just slumped down on the sofa, which diligently registered a very creaking complaint.

“Okay, Zach. Listen to me very carefully. The glasses help you to See and not just see the world, to see the True Form of the world, both in terms of people and of how much the Nurturers or Destructors have interacted with Nature, or rather what we call, the Touch. So, it helps you see the True Forms, it helps you see the Touch and more importantly, it will help you communicate.”, explained Deborah.

Zach was looking at her with raised eyebrows and as usually happens, he looked over at his dad, who was just enthusiastically nodding at whatever mom was talking about. But, he still wanted to clarify and asked, “When you say communicate, you mean, like… talk?” Deborah shook her head and said, “Talk as in, talk to people who are not near you, but are Nurturers who have their glasses on. Now, this is something that you would usually learn at the Elementals Academy and it might not even be the right way to teach this, but here goes anyway. Just wear your glasses and say in a clear voice, ‘I want to See Mom’. Oh God no… not my… Cut the… Oh, hello Mom… Yes, this is quite unexpected for me too… “

Zacharia was even more confused now and looked at his dad, who just said, “Yes buddy, she is talking to Maama. Any idea how much we have saved on international calling expenses because of these… glasses?”

A little over 6000 kilometers away, at the top of a little volcanic mountain called Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland, sat three Elementals.

As usual, Ms. Uninoma Diaquez was late and she was the Water Elemental. Truth be told, she couldn’t be blamed either, because with the temperatures in and around Iceland, water always loved to freeze. This meant that Uninoma spent quite a bit of time unsticking herself… from herself, which was a sight in itself, as she was the beauty of the group. Clad in a long white gown, with silky hair that cascaded down like the Angel Falls, she always gave a new definition to arriving fashionably late, for every Elemental meeting.

But this didn’t stop Mr. Vulfuricano D’Galpin, the Fire Elemental from fuming. Pun unintended, as he couldn’t ever stop fuming because you guessed it right, he had a terrible, terrible temper and to top it all off, he considered himself to be the alpha male of the group, which definitely didn’t help with his temper or ego, either. Anyway, he was quite dapper, looked smashing and if he wasn’t an Elemental, he probably would have been Mr. Universe.

Compare this to Ms. Sylvia Matheeson, the Air Elemental and also, the brains of the group, being the smart, level-headed one. Though lacking a little bit in height, she was the one to break up fights, cool down tempers and bring in an unbiased view. She was quite sensible, which reflected in how she carried herself too.

And on the other end of the spectrum, we had Mr. Gnominus Terranoearthus, the Earth Elemental and the sleeping giant of the quartet. He was known to have a slow, calm demeanor, provide no decisive contributions during the team meeting and above all, to sleep in Iceland for the 3 months before a meeting to try and stay awake during the actual meeting, in which he always failed.

As per tradition, upon Ms. Uninoma’s late arrival, Mr. Vulfuricano erupted. “How dare you make us all wait here for you, like we have nothing better to do? Do you realize how late you are? Will you ever learn? You travel via water, it’s what you should be best at and yet, every single time, you manage to be late. Why, Ms. Diaquez? Why? Do you care to explain yourself?”

“Well, I wouldn’t have to be so late if you had setup the meeting in some warm place where water actually flows and doesn’t float!”, retorted Ms. Uninoma. Ms. Sylvia decided to be smart at this point and said, “Well, technically we all voted for Iceland since it’s small and closest to all our Elementals. Remember? Also, there’s liquid water under the icecap… if that helps.” A ferocious stare from Ms. Uninoma and a new plume of smoke from Mr. Vulfuricano, shut up Ms. Sylvia.

And then, everyone started screaming together. “You think because you are so fiery and angry, we should all listen to you… ” “Do you really get stuck in the ice or do you get stuck in your dressing room?” “Actually, you don’t get stuck on ice. Your skin bonds with ice and…”. All the noise woke up Mr. Gnominus, who was quite disgruntled. His gruff voice cut through the quarreling as he said, “Do you guys remember what happened in 2010 when you all started fighting like this? This Eyjafjallajökull mountain erupted. Ash clouds every where. No flights and lots of humans cursed us for 6 months and I couldn’t sleep because I kept coughing up ash for 9 months. I don’t want that again. So, stop boiling, stop bubbling and stop blowing around. You guys need to sort each other out. I need to sleep.”

The others just obediently nodded. The problem with annoying Mr. Gnominus was that once he got started, it was very difficult to stop him. So, Ms. Sylvia blew a warm, soothing wind over Ms. Uninoma to calm her waters. Ms. Uninoma sprayed a gentle, cool mist over Mr. Vulfuricano to quell his fuming and Mr. Gnominus started snoring again.

All was calm in Elemental land.

Twenty five thousand feet above them, two cargo airplanes opened the doors to their cargo holds and from them jumped a 102 Destructors.

Next: Chapter G – Going Back to the Academy

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