Chapter C – A Chapter of Unabridged Ancient History

Nurturers & Destructors is a serialized novel, created during the 2021 A2Z Challenge hosted by Blogchatter

Index & Prologue
Previously: Chapter B – Devil’s Snare or Devil’s Hair?

Calm after downing a glass of wine and holding a glass of whiskey with a few ice cubes bobbing around, Deborah settled down again to tell the story of how the Nurturers had come to be.

“According to ancient history, in the beginning, there were the Hunters and the Gatherers. But even though unrecorded in history, there was also the Nurturers, who were a minority compared to the Hunters and the Gatherers, for a reason. The Hunters honed skills for tracking & hunting animals, while the Gatherers knew what to gather & forage, from where. The Nurturers on the other hand, were known for nurturing & preserving Nature. They believed in maintaining the balance, with the help of the four Elementals, which were Earth, Fire, Water & Air. In the beginning, Hunters were predominantly men, Nurturers were mostly women and Gatherers were a group of both men & women.

Now you must have noticed that after Jill touched the plant and it metamorphosed… or rather changed state, she was panting, breathless, tired and sweating. That’s because nurturing needs energy. It feeds on energy that’s either inside you or if you can harness energy from another source, from there. Like if she had perhaps taken the energy from the heat of the light bulb and tried to grow the plant, she would have been just a conductor of the energy. In fact, this is where the notion of humans are good conductor for electricity comes from. The energy we pass on, is in fact, electricity of a specific wavelength that’s unique for each Nurturer. So, I am a Nurturer and I have a specific wavelength, your dad is actually a Hunter, so he has a wavelength that’s more attuned for reading weather, the lay of the land and the manner of animals. You… well, we’ll come to that soon.

As we have read, humans adapted to the conditions of where they lived. That’s applicable for Nurturers too. They started adapting and they were able to work better with the elements that were most appropriate for their settings. Like for example, living beside an ocean or a lake heightened your ability to interact with water bodies and humidity. Living high up in the mountains built your skills in working with air currents and drafts. If you were living near volcanoes and sulphur springs, you could work with heat and fire. A forest enhanced your bond with trees, soil & plants. This is not to say that the Nurturer of fire cannot work with water. They can, but it would not be as effective as their work with fire.” Deborah took a pause to take a sip from her glass.

“Like in the movie, The Last Airbender?”, Zacharia’s eyes were as round as saucers behind his glasses. “Yes, The Last Airbender was heavily inspired by the Nurturers. It was… let’s say a community outreach program. Again, we shall come to that a little later. You’ll see”, said Deborah, with a tired smile, looking into the distance.

After another sip, she continued, “Now, like I said earlier, back then, there were just a few Nurturers because Nature didn’t need much fixing up, and the Nurturers did leave her alone for the most part, except for making living areas a little better, like clearing trees or laying stones, or reducing cold air current in a region, the likes. When a Nurturer has interacted with Nature, a glowing mark would be left. It’s called the Touch and how exactly the Touch looks like depends on the wavelength of the Nurturer. How strong or discernible the Touch is, depends on the extent of change in Nature. In the olden times, the Nurturers were able to discern the Touches in Nature quite easily. But as time went by, as the extent of Touches increased and civilizations grew more… civilized, Touches became more difficult to discern.

It was then that glasses had begun to be made, to help people see better. With all the light pollution and even pollution of other kinds, it was becoming increasingly difficult day by day to see the Touches in Nature. And so, with the help of the Elementals, the research centers ended up making glasses enhanced with the power to see the Touch, as well as the True Form of Nurturers. So, the glass I wear, the glasses your grandparents and your aunt wears, they are all Seeing Glasses.

Nurturers discovered how to create as well as harness electricity. Then there was massive industrialization, modernization, so on and so forth. When this started, both Nature and Nurturers realized the need to work together. So, they established an Elemental Promises Incorporated Contract or EPIC, with four main conditions.

  1. Once in 50 years, the Elementals will come together to choose a specific Nurturer of that generation who will be considered as the embodiment of Nature’s promise to be available to be harnessed, and hence called, the Promise. The Promise will be able to harness the four elements without any limitations.
  2. There will be a school of nurturing called the Elementals Academy for developing the skills of young Nurturers and 4 centers of research, one for each element, setup with the help of the Elementals to help in learning what more can be done to help make lives better, for the next 50 years
  3. To take decisions and implement changes in Nurturing, a Council of Nature would be started, with 9 members, which will be the 4 Elementals, 4 Nurturers and the Promise. This would ensure that there would be a clear majority for every decision
  4. In alliance with the United Nations, the International Elemental Organization would be established to coordinate with other organizations and spread awareness about the duty of Nurturers

As time went by, Nurturers began integrating with society and like they helped harness electricity, they harnessed Water in desalination plants as well as in ornamental fountains, they worked with Earth in farming as well as in landscaping, they built engines which worked with Air and produced Heat, they became world renowned chefs who used Heat, Water and Air to cook up experiences, they made concrete and blocks from Nature, etcetera, etcetera. The world as we see it today is possible only because of the Elemental guidance.

Of course, as any coin has two sides, there also are quite a few bad apples. All those natural disasters that you hear about in the news, be it hurricanes or rainstorms or earthquakes or landslides, those are all done by Nurturers gone rogue, or rather by the Destructors as we call them. The easiest way to know if someone is a Destructor is to see if their glasses are black or dark grey. The glasses of Nurturers would always be clear. In fact, there even was a faction of Destructors who went on to work with governments and build bombs that were used in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That flash of light that you see before the mushroom cloud when the bombs detonate, that is the brightest, yet darkest Touch you can ever see. At least, post that, we have managed to shut down similar programs. And yes, we do have the Grand Legionnaires who are tasked with protecting Nature from the Destructors. In fact, your Grandpa Mike is a Grand Legionnaire.” Deborah took another sip from the glass as she glanced at Zacharia to see how he was doing.

He was still trying to piece it together. On the other hand, Jeremiah had already started snoring away merrily.

Next: Chapter D – A Trip to the Good Ol’ Sunglass Hut

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