An Introduction, a Prologue and an Index


So, it’s been a while since my first #A2ZChallenge back in 2018, that I had been introduced to, by the very lovely people at Blogchatter. As history very kindly reminds me, I was not able to complete it and I chickened out at L. Could I have gone further? Maybe. Did I want to go further? Definitely. But, let’s just say that the alignment of the stars was not right and I had to let it go.

And that is one of those decisions that I am still regretting.

I am back, now in 2021, to try and fix that mistake. Will I be able to complete it? Hopefully. Can I complete it? I am trying my level best. What do I need to help complete it? Like, share and subscribe! No, not any YouTube channel, just my blog. Even following along via email would do just fine.

Without further ado, here it is, the logo of my latest fiction (master)piece, Nurturers & Destructors, for the 2021 series of the A2Z Challenge.

Logo of Nurturers & Destructors

So, this is a story that has been developing in my mind for a while now. I really like it and I hope that it strikes a chord with you too. If it does, do reach out and let me know. If it doesn’t, definitely let me know, via email, chat, Twitter, Facebook or maybe even a rotten tomato!


Since time immemorial, Hunters, Gatherers & Nurturers had existed together, leading lives in peace, amidst the tranquility of Nature, with the help of the four Elementals.

As time went by, a group of Nurturers went rogue and came to be known as the Destructors, unleashing natural disasters all over the world, in an attempt to kill and maim others in their perverted pursuit of power. Over 50 years ago, a new Promise had come to power and she had managed to bring relative peace to Earth, eradicating Destructors and helping Nature thrive. But, now, the Promise was ailing and the Promise-in-Waiting was only a little boy. Taking advantage of this, there are new factions of Destructors rising up, determined to wreak havoc and harness Nature for their own selfish reasons, no longer for the betterment of humankind.

What the Destructors really wanted, who they really were and how they could be stopped, were questions that arose everywhere, in every street corner and around the dinner table in every home. Mankind needed a new leader to step up. The call for the Promise to be renewed too was heard, albeit in whispered voices and coded texts, for no one wanted to be considered to be rebellious. Opinions could be voiced, but actions had to be stifled.

But Nature is always listening and Nature always finds a way to restore balance.

Index of Chapters

Chapter A – Just Another Birthday Party

Chapter B – Devil’s Snare or Devil’s Hair?

Chapter C – A Chapter of Unabridged Ancient History

Chapter D – A Trip to the Good Ol’ Sunglass Hut

Chapter E – A Third Degree Interrogation

Chapter F – Through the Looking Glass

Chapter G – Going Back to the Academy

Chapter H – Hors d’oeuvres of Defensive Elemental Science

Chapter I – Inquisitiveness, a Bane

Chapter J – Jill Freaks Out

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