A Tad Incognito – Chapter 8 – The Return

This is a novelized series that begins at Chapter 1

The previous chapter can be found here

As he watched Anuradha sprint away with the gun clutched in her hands, Raghav knew that the time had come. He took his phone that he had surreptitiously slipped in his pocket before Anuradha had entered home earlier and messaged, “It’s time to tango. Start phase B”

After hearing the reassuring ping of the message getting delivered, he leaned back on the seat, exhaled and starting counting down, “6… 5… 4… 3… 2… “. As he reached 2, he heard the increasing din of the engine of a Royal Enfield Bullet bike closing in. And the next moment, a bike drew level with his door.

He opened the door and got out.

Lieutenant Parvathy Singh handed him the helmet and said, “Welcome back, Captain! I have checked in at the HQ and here’s your backpack. We have located the Shylock… got his confidante Max in the Snyde Club yesterday night. This is the tracker locked to his location.”

Major Raghav Raj tapped the tracker on his watch to sync the locations and handed back the tracker to Parvathy. There was a sly smile breaking out on his face.

“And as usual, IB has to clean up the mess RAW made, isn’t it? They brought him in… but I need to do this. I need my Anu back. How much longer do we have?”, he asked.

“About 25 seconds more. IB is actually kinda boring compared to RAW. At least, I am no longer in a dual role! I am sure Alex is wracking his brains now… there was an Executive order asking to pull out the drones and that gave us this window. I’ll keep an eye on Rohan until Anu reaches him. Happy hunting!”, Parvathy replied.

“Yes, it’s indeed good to be back!”, said Raghav as he took out a Magnum P50 and loaded it.

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