Another New Year. Another Decade. Hello 2020

It’s been a while. And like every New Year, I keep promising my blog that I’ll be more loyal and that I’ll be there for it more than I was in the previous year. And like every New Year resolution, that never really happens.

So, this year, I am not including it as a resolution. I’ll just try to begin anew, start afresh and stay… constant.

The past year and the past decade have been tumultuous, like every year should be. I have lost relatives, I have lost hope, I have lost keys & socks and I have lost peace of mind. But, I have also gained a lot. I have gained friends, new mindsets and new hobbies. Do they balance out? Never… because they are all on different scales, measuring different parts of my life.

And my life on this blog has centered mostly on about my thoughts about what India & Indians have been going through.

In terms of what I had written about during the previous decade, my blog posts about the dreams of women in India seems to be the most interesting one as people seem to keep searching for it. So, you have gained my respect for reading about it and my contempt for not doing enough about it. I mean, it’s 2020, like, a new year in a new decade (like every new year, but we’ll talk about that later) and India, despite passing new laws and fostering resentment in the better part of the country against heinous acts against women, has been on the backburner regarding safety for women. We may traditionally be a patriarchal society, but for goodness sake, for God’s sake and for the sake of our present and future, drop the shackles and buck up. Men are not always right, and men’s rights or privileges do not always have to be protected ESPECIALLY when they kill the dreams, stifle the cries, erase the memories and prematurely end the lives of women.

And of course, politics. I mean, there are hundreds of countries around the world doing this right. But India has always at the forefront of letting it’s inhabitants, irrespective of their origins, to plunder it’s resources. Even after attaining the haloed historic Independence, bloody Partition and declaring itself as a Republic and creating a Constitution, all that has changed from the era of feuding Maharajas and the “Raj” of the occupiers is that now we have the freedom of choosing who gets to pillage us for 4 years at a time. That’s great, right? That’s exactly what Gandhi and friends fought for, right? And what do we do when others play tyrants over us? We just sit like ducks and wait for someone to take away our rights and then we wake up and start with hartals and strikes and then disrupt the lives of others with the excuse that that’s the only way that people will know about this and take notice and BLAH! I mean you waited until everything went downhill and didn’t care when everyone warned you about this… what right do you have now to make other suffer for your miserable mistakes? If you really want to make a difference in India, abolish politics, disband ALL the political parties and make sure that YOU stand up for your rights. I am sure we need political parties to organize opinions and create awareness from the grassroots level, but do we need political parties that are busy shaping opinions and spreading rumours & creating strife for their own good and the opposition’s downfall? No. What we need are political parties that stand up for the betterment of the nation and for the states and constituencies that they represent in the national assemblies. We need parties that are educated, that do NOT have direct access to the public funds, that cannot sponsor local terrorism, that cannot…

Wait, what’s the use of me ranting? Do you really care? Did you really spend time reading till here and you are still not bothered enough to make a change?

That’s just … great.

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