This is a serialized novel.

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Chapter K: A Knurry, Knurly Knub of a Problem
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29th December, 2017

02:35 PM GMT
Camden Street, London

Elizabeth was rudely woken by her phone alarm that was beeping about her schedule. Honestly hoping that it was a dream and that she wouldn’t be waking up in a hospital ward due to the machines beeping, she cracked open an eyelid a teeny bit and there it was. The box was still on the table, the jacket was still in her hands and there had been no powdery substances whatsoever. Interestingly innocent.

And it was supremely, mysteriously, very much from Natoshi.

But, it was time for her to pack up and run. She was due to visit her uncle and her flight was in a few hours, which was why her phone was panicking. And she was panicking, too. Considering that the bulk of her luggage had already been picked up and dropped off at the airport the previous night (because of the expected humongous crowds at the airport today, of course), she just had to stuff her carry on bag, make sure that she didn’t have any liquids and also, get her hair done right, for a change! Bushy, curly hair never really played according to the rules of physics, society and basic manners! Psshaw!

Honestly, with the advent of e-tickets, there was one less hassle of remembering the ticket. And Goldman Sachs also had given her the advantage of the Heathrow Fast Track since a couple of years. One more lesser headache…


04:22 PM GMT
Heathrow Airport, London

Looking at the lines, Elizabeth couldn’t fathom why people would take the troubles of travelling in such conditions. Pushing, pulling, butting in and of course, the ones who didn’t give a bother about personal space! Utter bollocks!

As she inched through the lines, she did see a couple of friends here and there, but then one toe out of the line and the ones behind you would have been more than happy to shove you out and move on, a normal behaviour even for the creme de la creme of the society who would be there in the express lane. So, socializing was strictly off the cards.

And she anyways had a lot to ponder about.

Natoshi had made contact with her. But why, he had never said. There was no email to contact, no profiles to get in touch with (except the ideassource one) and no addresses to trace.

And why her?


04:38 PM GMT
Nile Delta Market, Egypt

A scuffle had broken out in the market near the National Park, among some youth and well, there was definitely some blood split. And one of them had been taken to the hospital in quite a serious condition.

His father set out and found the kid who had started the fight. And he went to his house.

And he settled the account with a smoke grenade and an MP5 machine gun.


04:53 PM GMT
Nile Delta, Egypt

After obtaining a lot of permissions, Al Khalfani had finally managed to find the CCTV archives of the day and was trying to create a list of people who were visiting the National Park when the fire had happened.

And considering that the 4 guards who had been in the room were yet to gain consciousness, the investigating team were unable to get a clearer picture of what had happened near the room… and also, inside the room, which was of utmost importance (and interest) considering that the guards were all almost stark naked when they were found by the emergency services.

Going through the videos, Al Khalfani and his captains were drawing blanks. They couldn’t really find any person of interest.

And then, there was a report on the system from the HQ about the killing of a family in a house, inside a slum, near the market.

This is a serialized novel.

(Preferably, start here) Introduction: The Seventh Day
Previous chapter:
Chapter K: A Knurry, Knurly Knub of a Problem
Next chapter: Chapter M



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      Yes, indeed! I will be posting the rest starting tomorrow. Have a few of them lined up, but I had to work on the storyline a bit. So, that’s why the delay. 🙂

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