Time, you ask?

Time, you wonder?

Time, you speculate?

Time, passed away?

Time, no more?

Time, those incessantly falling sand grains in the hourglass. Time, those tick tocks which have become a background music of your life rather than the base track and the guiding symphony. Yes, it’s that time that I talk about. Time, that people wonder about. Time, whom people have been trying to stop or slow or even turn back since centuries, time whose actions are questioned, time who has passed away, who is no more, yet, someone who will be there tomorrow.

Yes, time is an anomaly. It is one of the few things that passes away, yet never goes away. And even though people know that time’ll be oblivious to them and just go on, on his way, they still try to act smart and let him walk off and then run behind him, asking him to wait for a bit so that they can catch up. Always, because as they say, “Time and tide wait for none” (by the way, time and tide are brothers? Sisters? Mmm… let’s settle at siblings. šŸ˜› )

But yes, time has passed away. Beyond help. He is far beyond our help. He is beyond time.

When he was here, we never thought about him, because he was quietly passing on in the background watching you looking away without a care in the world, because he knew youĀ would go behind him soon. He reminded you at every tick and tock. He reminded you at every chime. He reminded you at every chirp of the clockwork cuckoo bird. But you never bothered.

And now when he is done and gone, you come here in dark clothes and tear streaked faces which tells tales of when you didn’t heed his call. You become eloquent of time, of when you called him a good time, of when you mistook him for bad time, of when ‘time’ was the only thing that was there with you the whole time.

Time stands still for every person for only a moment, when your body gives in during your last moments and you watch time standing far away with a sad smile reminding you of the opportunities he gave, yet you never used. It’s in those last moments that you realize thatĀ the few moments which you thought were irrelevant, were in reality, no less relevant than your most important moments.

Let’s not meet the same fate and have our last moments be filled with time shaking his head slowly andĀ have his tears of lost moments splash on our hardened souls and wasted lives. Let’s not regret those few moments when things seemed right and time was good and yet you complained. Let’s not forget those few moments when things seemed bad, but actually you were just facing the easy bit of it, while time worked to dull the sharpness of pain. Let’s not forget the time when we were happy. Let’s not forget the time when the cry of a baby was a happy moment. Let’s not forget the time when a smile was a curve that set everything right and was not a sneer. Let’s not forget the times when a joke was a joke and not a snide remark. Let’s not forget the time when memories were made and memories were left behind. Let’s not forget friends even when time passes on. Let’s not forget promises even when time lazes on.

Let’s not be foolish. Let’s not forget time.

Time and tide wait for none. Not even you.


Time has been personified and objectified alternatively throughout, intentionally.


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