Well, on my other blog I had begun relating my experiences at Microsoft Dubai. But due to instructions that, that blog is supposed to be more technical than personal, I am going to let you all in all the action that goes on during my internship through here, my ramblings. So, for what all happened after that eventful week?

Well, for instance, we still have not been thrown into dark closets. Our eyesight is still pretty good. And we still get free soft drinks and coffee.

This is the time when you actually start praising them for keeping coffee machines and soft drink fridges in close reach. They are life savers. You can’t really begin to grasp how much we owe to those amazing machines for keeping us all going through out the day how much ever tired or sleepy we might think we are. It’s due to those machines that we have been able to keep on brainstorming and thinking and hammering out code and content rather than sit around bleary eyed and morose.

And then, there is the amazing view from all the conference rooms. In the beginning I used to think as to why all the conference rooms were kept at the sides and not in the middle of somewhere else (everything needs a reason, right? ) And it was fairly recently that it dawned upon us. We were having a particularly exhausting day when some of us had come over from college and had directly jumped to brainstorming and coding. But the atmosphere in Microsoft makes you WANT to work and does not really make you feel tired or drained. And in the middle of all the talking and discussing, we had a small break when suddenly none of us were really able to think clearly neither did any of our ideas seem to be worth even discussing. And then, one by one, all of us ended up looking outside through the huge bay windows. Right at the heart of Dubai. The hustling, bustling metropolitan that Dubai is, and that view, that momentary view of watching the world go by just in front of our eyes, watching the future descend upon us in those few seconds, made us realize where we are. At the cusp of the future. That’s where we are, at every second. Wherever we are.

That view, well…. inspired us? Made us think? No. That view made us look at things from a totally different perspective. Rather than thinking as individuals we starting thinking as a team. We started thinking of what we could do for the society. For humanity. And that’s where our conversation led us right after that small, inspiring, thought-provoking break.

And thus we found out why conference rooms all over the world have such amazing views, not for people to admire, but to remind them and inspire them in times of need, to make them think as to what they can do for the society and for humanity, and not for themselves as a corporate.

Ahh.. see? Where did I start from and where did I end? This is why this blog is called The Ramblings of Don.

Take care, buddies. 🙂


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