Out of topics. Out of posts. Finally I turned to Daily Post for more ideas. And nopes. They didn’t disappoint. 

“Writing Space

Where do you produce your best writing — at your desk, on your phone, at a noisy café? Tell us how the environment affects your creativity.”

I actually started on this post last night. On my bed. In a corner. Under the blanket. Typing away on my smartphone. Alone.

Alone except for the occasional blinking of the bright neon signage boards outside. Alone except for the occasional plane flying past on the way to the airport nearby. Alone except for the music thundering away into my ears. Alone except for the sleep creeping into my eyes.

In spite of these distractions,  I progressed fairly far enough. Tapping away about blogging from laptops sitting in noisy cafes with borrowed wifi, about transferring my thoughts into words sitting in a crowded bus, about adorning the trees of my thoughts with flowering and flowery words. Or so I thought. In the morning, when I got up to post the varied ramblings of my creative imaginations about me posting from crowded buses, noisy cafes and beautiful gardens, all I got was an empty post. I mean, like, EMPTY.

So, this time, early morning, I sat in a rocking chair in the sun lit balcony of my apartment, looking out upon the city that was waking up to the wonderful day ahead, dutifully gathering my wandering thoughts and inscribing them into the hallowed pages of my blog. And here are my preferred spots with my reasons, for the bloggers out there.

1. A helipad. Which should be devoid of approaching or residing helicopters, of course.

Helipads which are happily perched right on top of buildings like overgrown mushrooms, grant you uninterrupted views all around, with a healthy helping of slight breezes, which often inspire the hidden creative spirit within you. Oh and some of them are so pretty high up, that most people prefer not to climb up till there to disturb you while you hammer out the final touches to your blog.

2. A loft. 

Nothing can be better than a quiet sunlit attic which would be so high up that you would be insulated from the sound of you mom bustling in the kitchen, your dad making important calls, and your siblings running around trying to make a hullla-bulla-boo. Oh and it would be a pretty nifty thing to have especially to escape from annoying relatives or family friends who tend to come and sit and sit and sit and sit for no particular reason.

3. A long bus ride to no where in particular.

Well, it just needs to be a long ride, not necessarily a bus, but a bus tends to give you more luxury compared to other modes of transport. Oh and people tend to sleep, which means more sleeping, prone bodies, which again translates to more peace. Which again translates to better productivity. Or there are noise cancelling headphones.

4. An empty auditorium

A place where every thought gets reflected back to you. A place where nothing else comes in. A place where there are soft carpets and comfy seats, which is actually the most important. Oh and there should be no events happening there, which is empty. Exactly.

5. A private island

Well, obviously the well heeled, deep pocketed ones might have some of these, but not mere mortals. So……. not happening. Just a wish.

6. The top of a mountain

Well, I have actually written quite a bit on the top of a few mountains to say that it’s one of the most interesting, invigorating and exhilarating feels. The breeze, the lower temperatures, the light fog, the calm atmosphere, the feel of being on top of the world and the thoughts that course through you when you gaze upon the land that stretches from under your feet to the ends of the world is quite incomparable. And of course, when you start writing, the words just flow, because you are calm, your mind is unperturbed and there are no hindrances to where your mind can reach out. Just saying. 😛

Well, if you all would have noticed carefully, I love writing in quiet, empty spaces. So, if you find a glowing mobile or a laptop screen shining away like a beacon on a hill close by on a quiet wintry night, do give a shout out, coz that might be me.

Posted from a cozy little attic, surrounded by a pen, a puppy, a sheaf of fluttering papers and the bright shining sun. Oh and the obligatory cup… er.. mug of coffee. Steaming. Double shots of caffeine. Two sugar cubes. With my name engraved on it. On the mug.



2 thoughts on “Oh Where! Oh Where!

  1. I was trying to guess where you live; I was thinking Beirut but I’m not sure if we have as many helipads as you referred to in your post lol that does seem like a great place to write!


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