I am a lone child and very often when I see siblings bicker and fight, I do not feel a sense of annoyance. Rather, I would feel a sense of longing, a sense that I am missing something divine, a surreal feeling. It’s a totally different feel when you know that there is someone other than your parents to whom you can talk to regarding your problems. That there is someone else who can understand your problems deeply and actually take you seriously.

Every time I see siblings together, I long to have someone like that, but then whenever I talk to someone who has a sibling about his/her experience the first thing they end up telling me is, “Good that you don’t have a sibling. You don’t have to suffer someone else too.”
Fine, but have you felt the emptiness in your childhood when you haven’t had a sibling to play with? Have you ever felt lonely in a party where there a lot of adults and a few small kids but none of your age? Is it you who has had to feel lonely late at night with no one to wake up at least to annoy? Is it you who has had to spend every summer vacation alone without anyone to play with, especially considering that you have no cousins around you since you are off in some far off country with your parents, far away from your hometown? Is it you who has had no one to pour water on your face in the mornings to wake you up? Is it you who has had no one to fight with over who gets to share the bathroom in the mornings? Is it you who has had nobody to squeal on to your parents?

Now you all, who have siblings and are looking at me with raised eyebrows, for one second, think what would your life be if you would not have had all those moments, till now. Think of what a barren desert it would be compared to the lush green oasis of memories you have now. Think of what a bore your days would be. Think of how lost you would feel when you need someone understanding to talk to at the end of the day to cool down. Think of whom you would look forward to meeting every time you apply for a leave from your office to go back to your home town. Think of the emptiness, you are missing. Think of yourself. Would you be the same person you are now, if you did not have a sibling to push you, pull you, beat you and mould you into what you are now? Nopes. And hasn’t all that been for the better? Still no? Well, I don’t knwo what’s wrong with you, but I got to tell you what I think about having a sibling.

A sibling is all you can ask for. All as in, all. A sibling will be your companion for life, your best friend forever, your partner in crime, your ‘back up’ & what not. You both would have your own moments, your own secret language, your own signs and symbols.

There will be this indescribable sync between you two. A flick of the eye brows, a shuffling of the feet, a twitch of a finger and the other would figure out what you were trying to convey with absolutely no words exchanged between you two.

You both would have your own secrets, your own jokes, your own agreements as to who would have which part of the bed on which day, who would get the lion’s share of the chocolate the next time. You both would help each other with each other’s battles. You both would have your own silent arguments about who gets to control the temperature tonight.

There would be no mysteries between you two. One’s problem would be other’s too. One’s happiness would be the other’s too. You both would know the other’s thoughts about a particular topic. You would know each other’s preferences. You would know what would anger him, what would pacify him, what would make him happy.

And however old you get, there would be no joy greater than seeing a happy smile or a burst of laughter from him/her. That’s the purity, the innocence and the true feeling of having a sibling. And however angry you are with him/her, how long would you be able to stay like that? Hell. That would be hell for you. In fact, how long can you bear to see the anger or sadness on his/her face? How long? Think. For once, before you shake your head at me.

Well, even though I do not have a sibling and am a lone child, this is what I have seen and felt and hoped what it would be if I had a sibling. You too agree with all this? Thank you very much.

Then, please do tell me as to why siblings of today fight among themselves for petty issues and lose their mutual trust and love and end up fracturing their families? Why? Just. Simply. WHY?


3 thoughts on “Siblings : To Have or Not To Have

  1. First of all… Good going Don.
    And secondly, the petty issues arise most often after they get married. Just saying what I saw.
    And yes, petty issues are all bound to happen. Talking gets you through. Not sulking around. Just saying.


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