What India needs, is not WiFi in the major cities. What India needs, is not a new entrance examination for engineering seats or more rigorous selection criteria for the Administrative Services. What India needs, is not merely freedom from scams. What India needs, is not merely a new generation of politicians. What India needs, is not merely social leaders who protest from the cozy sofas of their houses.  What India needs, is not merely a different government every 5 years. What India needs is not a new political party for every day of the year. What India needs is not a political strike and civil unrest for every cause. Neither does India need you to simply sit in the warmth of your bed and look at the live streaming news of the latest developments in India. Nor does India need a new missile.

Then, what exactly, does India need?

India needs to free itself from the many shackles that has bound it from time immemorial, the shackles of poverty, of illiteracy, of racism, of sexism and of corruption. India needs to think about it’s strengths and develop on them. India needs to discover its weaknesses and break them down to the root cause, and eliminate them from the grass roots level. What India needs is not a new generation of politicians ready to take over the reins of corruption from the existing so-called ‘fathers & mothers’ of Indian politics whom we have hailed as political saviours. What India needs is not necessarily a wholesale revolution in every field possible. What India needs is a thorough brushing up of it’s memory, to realize where exactly it went wrong.

68 years ago, India’s demand that the iron handcuffs of slavery be taken away from it was heard, and India became a free nation, a nation free to think for itself, act for itself and decide for itself. But the problem is that we people have very happily let a few people take over those freedoms for themselves. We, as a nation, have let a few people to become free to think for themselves, act for themselves and decide for themselves. We, as a nation, have elected them to the forefront of the decision-making machinery in the country. We, as a nation have allowed them to make fools of us, time and again. We, as a nation, have allowed them to continue the same looting the old conquerors had stopped when they left.

And it’s time we as a nation have done what is necessary. It is that the people whom we elect to make decisions on our behalf, do make decisions on OUR behalf that will benefit US and not necessarily make decisions on OUR behalf that’ll benefit THEM. It’s time we stopped the scandals, the scams and the phony promises.

What India needs, is to change it’s current school of thought that any person the people of India elect to the legislative assemblies will be true to their word and keep their promises. We elect a candidate and his party to the legislative assemblies on the basis of the lofty promises they make. If they make a promise, a promise it should be and before they, as a ruling party goes out of term, they should fulfill their promises or at least show that they have tried their level best in fulfilling the promise. Otherwise, out they should go and outside they should stay.

The problem with having a vast majority of different political parties is that they’ll never unanimously agree to a resolution. And their refusal to agree is not based on a good deal of thinking and reckoning. Their only basis of any suggestion, refusal or decision is apparently this, “Disagree to anything the ruling party says. Make excuses to delay any new reforms. Suggest changes to the bill (which can never be agreed to, simply because they have no use)”. But there will be one thing every single member in the assembly will agree to without much thought, the increase in the salaries of the MPs and the MLAs. The moment the bill is announced, every single person in the hall will start banging their tables with much gusto and not much ado.

But the vast majority of the Indian population falls under the lure of the false promises they give us, partly due to the illiteracy and partly, due to the instant gratifying gifts they pass out in the form of liquor and so on, and elect them back in. The well though-out decisions that a fair amount of literate Indians make, are often overturned by the fickle minded majority of the vote bank who reside in the slums and the shanties.

Again, as I said earlier, we often forget to go to the root cause of almost any problem. The problem here is illiteracy. We need to educate not only the entire vote bank, but also every little child who sets foot on Mother India. We need to make sure of a bright future for them, because they are our hopes, India’s hopes and any politician or so-called ‘social worker’ who stands in the way of education should be named, shamed and jailed, not only as their punishment, but as a lesson for all the others who would want to follow in their footsteps and hinder progress in our nation.

What India actually needs is a set of representatives, not politicians, who are well educated (not school drop outs), who actually know the need of the moment, who heeds the cry of the down trodden and turns a deaf ear to the selfish ‘want’s of the industrialists, who thinks out their decision and thinks ‘for the country’ and not for their SWISS bank accounts.

We need a set of responsible representatives who will lead India to a better tomorrow. May we hope that the 69th Independence Day, may be a better one than the one we celebrate today.




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