Yup. I am just using an excuse to tell you how to actually use time if you happen to have a lot of it at your disposal all of a sudden, using a very limited set of appliances, considering that you might be at least 50 feet above the ground and your backpack might be with some friends standing very calmly on the ground with an ‘I told you so’ smug look on their face as they sip your juice and eat your popcorn and take their own sweet time to click photos of you stranded in the sky, so to speak.

So, what exactly would you do when you have a few hours in your hands in such a situation? Considering that your hands are tightly held by harnesses, and your necks are locked in their vice-like grips, I doubt you could just happily turn around and start a nice conversation with the good-looking girl/guy sitting behind you, nor could you lean forward for the same thing.

Then, suppose, with a very tiny probability that you actually managed to wriggle your arm through and got your phone out of your pocket (this would require that you are either 1. an escape artist or 2. a contortionist or 3. both). Now you have a lot of probable activities available, if you can use both of your hands, that is. One would be playing some games or sending a message to your parents, just to freak them out (or truthfully, just so that they would try and find a faster way to get you outta here so that you could go to the washroom) or the best one would be a selfie! Yup, just raise the phone a couple of inches above your head, make sure that primarily you feature in the selfie and then CLICK!

Now that is a very viable option because of many reasons:

1. You get a blur free selfie at a very enviable spot with a very good background ( conditions prevailing, that is)

2. You have a sure fire way of striking up a conversation with whomsoever you want on the coaster (ahem, ahem)

3. You have a selfie that could instantly garner a few hundred likes and a few more shares than you could possibly imagine.

4. Not many people could get this opportunity, unless the roller coaster is that new. 😛

Thank you all for taking your time to read something that’ll do you good in a situation that is bound to happen with a very low probability in anyone’s life. So, take care. Go to the washroom before you go on any roller coaster, make sure your phone has full charge, that you have adequate sunscreen, and that you know the number to send a message to, to get a data package.

Oh and should I remind you about the call credit too?

Stay safe. Be happy. And when you are stuck on a roller coaster (or a giant wheel, for that matter) remember me.


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