The world has moved on from disowning social media to filling them up with selfies. Right.

The word ‘selfie’ has been officially added to the Merriam-Webster, the Oxford and almost all other dictionaries, be it online, offline, virtual, pocket or multi-lingual, and yet, my editor very vehemently claims it to be wrong, underlines it with red and asks me to change it either to ‘self’ or ‘selfish’. Pretty stuck up.

But the problem is not that selfies have become the new rage. Neither is global brands conducting ‘selfie’ related competitions a problem. Nor would I have a grudge against those buying new mobiles with front facing cameras and special ‘selfie-enhancing’ softwares. My problem is this.

1. Boy, 14, killed while clicking selfie

2. Boy, 15, killed while taking selfie on train tracks

3. Student, 14, falls to death while taking selfie

And then, celebs go on and do something like this.

Kim Kardashian to launch Book of Selfies, Why exactly, only her bank account will know soon.

Taking selfies is okay. Posting them on social media? Fine, but be careful about stalker & identity thieves. But risking your life for an unforgettable selfie? Yup, that selfie might become unforgettable for a lot of people as your last photo, a very good photo to keep at your funeral and to send off to media agencies, but definitely, not worth it for you.

But still, I couldn’t resist this. Mea culpa.


More about selfies out here in these wonderful blogs by ‘wonderfuller’ bloggers:

1. How to Take a Selfie 

2. (A bit off-beat) Tiger Selfies are now banned in New York

3. A 30-Day Selfie Challenge (best of luck!!)

And so on!

Go on, click a selfie!



Post the POST:

I just found out, that my web editor seems to connect selfies with Kim Kardashian ONLY, because it has gone from offering ‘self’ and ‘selfish’ in place of selfies to offering only ‘selfish’, the title of Kim’s book. Some marketing strategy.



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