I have never been a huge fan of Malayalam movies for the sole reason that they never seem to have a good base for their stories, the stunts seem… no, are unbelievable, the acting almost always seems on the verge of exaggeration. There are always those few actors who are always given all the good roles and who act them out with indifference. but then, finally, I saw a movie that seems to have a valid message, a good story line, a bit of good acting and a fair bit of feel-good and I-have-felt-the-same moments. But this post is not about the movie, but rather about the movie’s basic story line which hovered around a single dialogue, “Who decides the expiry date of a woman’s dream?”

Today’s harsh, materialistic and highly competitive world makes it possible for a person to advance & achieve only if he or she has a fixed aim, a final definite goal which needs him/her to dream about it first. But then, in a developing country like India, a country which claims that it shall work for the empowerment of women, eradication of poverty and shall endeavor to give work for all through it’s policies, women are often stuffed into the cramped spaces of their homes, their minds are pushed into thinking only of dishes to cook and clothes to iron, their imaginations are stifled to only perform the mediocre tasks of housework and their only hobbies are limited to watching television soaps and gossiping about celebrities.
But why? Who? Do we have answers?

We may. But do we care? The masochistic society of today cares, but does not care. We prefer to stay ignorant of the millions of Indian women pushed into the plight highlighted above. We prefer to state that the workspaces of today are better suited for men. We prefer to believe that women may not be able to carry out duties. Why?

I make use of a statistic the beforementioned movie brought to light. “In the past 13 Indian presidents, only 1 was a woman. In the past 15 Prime Ministers only 1 was a woman. Is it because women were incapable of these posts?”, to quote the dialogue. Is it because no woman dreamed of that post? Is it becase no woman worked for it? No. Then who decided the expiry date of her dream, of her ambition?

Enough said and asked. Now it’s time to act. Now it’s time to realize the atrocity many men are committing. Now it’s time to realize the stupidity many women are commiting by allowing others to dictate their fate and their life, their deeds and their actions, their thoughts and their imagination. It’s time to forge a new path, not only in India, but where ever in the world where a woman acts as per someone else’s whims and fancies and not her dreams and ambitions.

What I may be saying may not make sense to many men or maybe even women of today’s ‘modern’ generation, but I do feel that there will be many more who will actually think that, “Yes. True that.” And that group is which I wet my pen’s nib with ink for (literally, of course).


4 thoughts on “Who Decides the Expiry Date of a Woman’s Dream?

    1. I am a firm believer in respecting women and I do think that my blog post asks my readers to think before they kill the dreams of a woman and before they confine her to the house. Maybe you should read the entire post, before commenting right after reading the title. 🙂


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