The guy, who called my blog “”.

I don’t rumble, but when I do, I hope you do hear it.
I don’t grumble, but when I do, do hope it’s not about you.
I don’t mumble, but I when I do, I do hope you don’t hear it (obviously).
I don’t tumble, but when I do tumble, I do hope it’ll be on the Oscar stage stairs or on Moon.
I may be humble, but that does not mean you can lord over me.
I will not warble, but when I do, you’ll sure hope you’ll never hear it again.
I don’t jumble words, but when I do, I do hope you won’t notice it.

I may not ramble always, but when I do, I’ll make sure everyone will hear (read :P) it.


6 thoughts on “Rambling about Rumbling

  1. I don’t know why i thought yours was a new blog when I found it on an aZ twitter feed. Loved your poetic ramble and nice to know there’s some wayback offerings to distract myself with here too. I’ll get off now and get back to other stuff I need to do and let you have peace and quiet to enjoy the rest of your day, hopefully.

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