Getting into college is often referred by many as the first step into adulthood. I, now, agree. I always believed that college was an extension of school life, simply a new way of life. But rather, now, I have a drastically different train of thoughts.
People who pretend to be your friends to take advantage over you, the seemingly innocent promises and humour talks. These have forced me to change my opinion.
Its often after school, when we get down to the open environment of college that the true faces of many come to light. Its often then, that we realize that our best friend was actually our worst enemy, that our secret keeper was actually the worst mole in our friend group. Its often then, that many realize the folly that they committed.
Those actors who do these heinous things must definitely be shunned by some, approached by none and reproached by all. Their sweet smiles, sugary words and smooth talk are often enough to make many fall into their traps of deceit and lies.
Lastly, there is only one thing that comes to mind….
Why.. why… why………


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