Well, talking about my first book review, I guess I chose a book that has come from an author who has created a niche for herself in a totally different genre and wanted to move on and created a pseudonym for herself. Yup, its J. K. Rowling and she has moved on (rather spectacularly) from children’s fiction to adult fiction.

Talking about the book, or rather the story line, I believe J. K. Rowling has introduced a stunningly clever private detective, Comoran Strike, who would join the ranks of the revered private detective Sherlock Holmes. Aloof from Scotland Yard, but possesses enough contacts within it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if anyone who read the book would even compare Strike with Poirot, the French creation of the amazing Agatha Christie. The book starts off at a slow pace, talking in detail about the day to day activities of Strike and it strives to pull you with the story. But I assure you, that there are enough giggles and scratches to ensure that you read on.

Strike is hired by a lawyer, who happens to be the brother of a supermodel to investigate her murder which was put down as suicide by the Scotland Yard, solely because of Strike’s friendship with the lawyer’s elder brother who had passed away. The plot picks speed from here, but by the middle of the first half (or rather by a quarter of the 449 pages), the book will be straining to hold you back from running ahead like an aspiring Usain Bolt, because of your immense enthusiasm to read till the climax before you have to put it down the next time. Strike may not have a lot of high tech equipment, like infrared cameras or hidden microphones, but he does have the brains and courage to top it all. But the lack of equipment is clearly because of lack of funds.

All in all, I would be more than glad to read another crime fiction novel from J. K. Rowling, which hopefully will be a part of a Comoran Strike series, because she has ticked all the right boxes and even added a few more. Yet again, she has redefined how a good novel should be in a class that is already crowded with a lot of superstars. But well, she just created a megastar.

Genre: Mystery / Thriller

Rating: 4.5/5 (I didn’t quiet understand the need to bring in Strike’s family every now and then, but knowing it’s J. K. Rowling, she might have a few tricks up her sleeve for the upcoming books.)

Recommendation: Very high


9 thoughts on “Book Review #1: The Cuckoo’s Calling

  1. This book is on my reading list since a month and I have yet to order it!! Nice review, I read about J.K getting a pseudonym for this novel in a newspaper, isn’t it amazing? I can’t wait to read the novel!


    1. Wonderful to know that Strike intrigued you too! But regarding the pace, I would suggest you read The Bourne series and then The Cuckoos Calling to see the Cuckoo sprints! 😛


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