Blogger’s Challenge 21: True or False, write a story about yourself to confuse your audience and let them decide if it is fiction or nonfiction.

This one is dedicated for the speedy recovery of many poor people, most of whom are (very tragically) still in their youth! But maybe, this one like certain diseases are reserved for a special lot of people! I am talking about…… BlackBerry Thumb!

bb thumb

Not this one!!!!

But, maybe this one,

bb thumb 1

Yes! That picture is BIG, because the phenomenon is big but your knowledge and awareness about it is small, so the difference in those two important factors is HUGE (like the picture!). 

The all-knowing WikiPedia says about this phenomenon as, “BlackBerry thumb is a neologism that refers to a form of repetitive strain injury caused by the frequent use of the thumbs to press buttons on PDAssmartphones, or other mobile devices. The name of the condition comes from the BlackBerry, a brand of smartphones that debuted in 1999, although there are numerous other similar eponymous conditions that exist (e.g. “wiiitis”, “nintendinitis”, “playstation thumb”, and “cellphone thumb”). Part of the rationale is that the thumb does not have the dexterity that the other four fingers have, and that it is especially common in those who use these devices for such activities at high speeds comparable to that of touch typing. Symptoms of BlackBerry thumb include aching and throbbing pain in the thumb or sometimes other fingers and in the wrist. Part of the syndrome of BlackBerry thumb is disability of the hands.

Yeah! If you just muttered that, that last paragraph was a load of “BLAH! BLAAAH!” I ll state it in simple day to day terms: ” Its a condition of immense pain in the thumb joints resulting from an extreme overuse of BlackBerry keyboards or rather BlackBerry Messaging”! Experts might also include writing books in that definition, but I doubt anyone would do that mistake nowadays! Writing books on BlackBerry! Seriously, writers those days!

Now, I am into this sudden awareness program, not because I hate BlackBerry or because I don’t have a BlackBerry Z10, it’s because I have seen a person who suffers from BlackBerry thumb, try to play Temple Run. It’s alright, if you couldn’t comprehend that last sentence and rushed onto this one, take your time and go back and read that one again, because even I didn’t believe it the first time.

I was travelling by the bus the other day, and diagonally across me, I saw a guy, as old as me or maybe a bit more older, sitting with a BlackBerry in his one hand and a Samsung S4 in the other. His thumbs’ joints were swollen and tinged red. It was bad. I couldn’t even try and guess what sort of a disease it was and well, I took the first opportunity I had, to ask him about it. It was a lengthy procedure, I’ll assure you that. First, I had to wait for an apt opportunity to ask him if I could sit next to him. Moved into the seat, and finally mustered the courage to ask him about it. “Mustered the courage”, not because, I wasn’t courageous, but because I didn’t know how he would react and finally asked him.

He then sat and explained the entire reason as to what had happened. Long story, shortened. (Abridged version). Addicted to Blackberry Messenger. Excessive use of BBM. Thumb swollen. Not able to type. Not able to bend without suffering immense pain.

So now, however short you call that story (or someone’s thumb-story), what he has to suffer, he is suffering. I was playing Temple Run and so he also brought it up on his mobile’s screen and tried playing. You ought to be thankful that you didn’t see it. He was literally crying out with pain as he tried to make his character turn on the screen. The character being eaten by the monsters because he was unable to jump was accompanied by my fellow traveller’s cries of pain and I assure you, that’t not something you would like to hear.

So, unless you want to feel the wrath of the BlackBerry thumb, try and stay away from being a BBM Addict.


Now, tell me if it’s fake…. or not!


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