Sitting (Idly) at an Intersection (Again)

Someone mildly reminded me of the promise I had given my lovely readers about this post and he also reminded (very kind of him) of the implications on my blog-health if I went back on this promise. So, as promised, here are my observations as a frequent visitor of intersections.

Sitting over here, in the car, with my utterly jobless friend (not that I have much to do, just saying) whom I had dragged with me to help in noting down my observations, I try to take in the feelings and characters of the inhabitants of neighboring cars.

Ok. Starting with the car right in front of me, which is being driven by a harried looking old woman who kept glancing at me through her rear view mirror, shaking her head and muttering like a madwoman. I kept shaking off the urge to call her a weird woman until I realized the car was shaking as though it was the epicenter of an earthquake. That’s when I realized that her two kids were having the time of their lives in the back seat and the poor woman was trying to get them back into control. Mea culpa, mea culpa.

Moving on, I see a very well dressed young business man looking fellow in the car next door, I mean, car next lane. Wait a second, I said the man was well dressed, not the car. He was driving a dilapidated 1980’s model Corolla. Business man. Young. I shook my head and let my trained eyes travel a wee bit more which is when I saw a thick file on the front passenger seat. Ahh! Interview. Candidate for a good position. Wishing him the very best of luck, I moved on.

In the car on my other side, I saw an entire family jam packed with 2 suitcases stuffed into a Hyundai airport van cab. That’s when I realized that such cabs could be filled to such a capacity. That poor cab was barely brushing over the road. Wonder what all they bought. Indian family too. Do they have any delicacies? Sweets? Whatever. Later. They seem very pleased to be back here after their vacations. Or are they here for their vacations? No idea. Nor am I going to ask them now, because they just spotted me staring at them and that guy sitting in the front seat has more muscles than needed.

Behind me there was a young couple, both of them who looked too young to have married. “How will you know?”, my friend asked me. “Intuition….”, I replied. And then, I got proof that they were married. They just started an argument. And what an argument it was!! I could clearly make out the obscenities flying out from each mouth, which is when my friend suggested that we do a voice over for that good family ending with them both reconciling. We did do a voice over, but its off record because… umm.. because it is not exactly a family conversation that took place. More over, because we could reach an amicable end the good old signal gave me a much unwanted green light and we sped off midst a blast of horns which seemed to be censored versions of what some people wanted to call us. Drivers these days! Can’t they see we were doing an experiment?

Anyway, there ended our experiment and these were our observations.

Post blog: The characters depicted in these observations are truly (and hopefully) fictional. Any resemblance to living or dead specimens of the human race may not be purely coincidental. We get inspired too. Moreover, me and my friend are truly good for giving wonderfully bad voice overs. For more information please stay behind us at the next signal and watch our show. Thank you for cooperating, and will you please drive on?

Don and his friend

2 thoughts on “Sitting (Idly) at an Intersection (Again)

  1. Dear Don and his friend, thanks for sharing your experiment here. I was delivered the funniest image of two guys in a car looking and sounding like a married couple arguing, but it’s quite normal these days so shouldn’t have seemed as funny as it did. i think it was the off record recording mention that triggered that image actually. You really get that long an intersection for all that observation? wow, hope the air con was off, must be awful. But the post was a good read. Cheers 🙂


    1. Hahah! You are more than welcome!
      And yes, out here in Dubai, sometimes, in some places we get pretty long waits at intersections.
      Thank you for the compliments, as always! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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