Be a Doctor

I know many of my friends who have been dreaming of becoming doctors. I have known many doctors who have treated me from day 1 and my family doctor fears that I might be in grave danger if I don’t pop in once a month to say ‘Hello’ and get a few medicines from him. I have been coaxed and coerced into being inspired to be a doctor by all the above individuals and my parents too. But I am sorry to inform you all, that all those precious minutes and texts you wasted trying to get me to become a doctor has gone to waste, unless… unless, you consider this post. I assure you, these are the reasons I found, that made me want to be a doctor but I’ll also enumerate the end the reasons I don’t want to be. Don’t worry, yet.


The medicinal profession is one that is mythological, mythical, medieval and respected. It is one of the only professions where I have seen that the ones who approach the practitioners fear for their life. (Sorry if I sounded like Pippa Middleton in that last sentence. It was intentional. Not) Being a doctor is not easy, not because you have to learn for 5 years to complete your basic degree compared to other professions, but because of the responsibility that they shoulder, the amount of emotional strength that they may have to muster while speaking to victims of grave diseases. I really respect that profession. (Not because my doctor will read this, no)

doc 2

The amount of tension that they face while diagnosing the disease or maybe even while ascertaining that there is no disease, the anticipation and the rush of sudden cold sweat when they are on the cusp of a critical operation, it must really have a huge drain on them, both physically and mentally.

But, as every great man says (even I said it), “Every coin has two faces!”, the medicinal profession has a very satisfyingly, comforting part too. That feeling of achievement when you have correctly diagnosed the disease is half the jubilation, the moment when the patient calls you to tell that he has been entirely cured thanks to you gives you that satisfaction you had hoped for. But, you might get even more satisfaction when you complete a surgery and you realize that it was a complete success. But if that surgery or operation had given sight to a blind man, you can consider yourself lucky to have seen a miracle first hand. When you see the lucky man whonhad earlier walked with others’ help walk confidently into your office, you realize the true reason that you had decided to become a doctor. When you see a handicapped person, walk confidently next week in the street with the prosthetics you had given him, you realize that you just gave someone a new hope in their life and you thank the Almighty high above for giving you that opportunity.

Thus, all this while I elaborated on why I wanted to be a doctor and what really made me respect that profession. But, now I’ll tell you the readon why I don’t want to be one.

I thought of many reasons, dome including the after effects to your profession if your operation was not a success, if your diagnosis was not right or even if your prescribed medicines were not right.

I am sorry, but I can’t those reasons, because there is no such reason, because even if your operation was not a success, if you had tried your best, your conscience will praise you. Even if your medicines had no effect, it might be the reason for you to go and update your medicinal knowledge.

So, actually, if you are planning to be a doctor, be one and realize the true side of humaniy, the true reason of why being a doctor is deemed to be difficult and the true sense of achievement, responsibility, satisfaction and care that, the profession hands over to you.

Now, should I actually be a doctor?? Wonderfully pondering to see if I can convince myself,

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