No New News from the Royal Crib

I really wanted to present my viewers with a post about my Intersection experiences but a certain individual decided to unbalance the world’s focus on various other issues and attract attention to himself. Yup, I am talking about Prince George Alexander Louis.

He was born weighing 8 pounds and 6 ounces but the weight ON him was definitely, 100,000 times that. He is the third in line for the throne of the United Kingdom and of course, future head of the Commonwealth. Lucky kid.

He will have all doors and opportunities open to him. He will have all sorts of educational certificates and accolades eager to have his name on them. He will have Jaguar and Lamborghini and a whole host of other car makers hoping to have him patronize their models (of cars, not the live ones. Not yet). He will have many specimens of the fairer sex waiting for him to cast his eyes on them.

But that all comes later (and I have jumped the gun again). Getting to more current affairs of the Prince George of Cambridge. He is the darling of tabloids and papers around the world. Digital print and media will do anything, maybe even devote an entire edition for him. I can even bet they might be waiting somewhere near his bedroom to capture his first wails for ‘Mamaaa’ and then be the first media to publish it and the first media maybe to even say that they got an exclusive on it. “Royal Baby calls his Mama exclusively for us”. Please. He is calling his mom to fulfill his personal and emotional needs, not to fill your news columns.

For God’s sake, he is a baby and we have to give a big hand to William and Kate for keeping his wails from becoming breaking news headlines. “Royal Baby cries. We investigate (speculate) the matter. Exclusive”.

But then, you can’t actually blame the media. They need to keep the public interested in their channels. They need to keep the action and climax of the movies in their news channels to keep the viewership up. So, they jostle with each other for the first shot of the notice of the baby’s birth. They beat each other down to get to the front to get the first uninterrupted picture of the baby with his parents. Its a hard world out there and maybe they too need to fight it out, as someone really wise, once said,” Survival of the fittest”.

Anyway, as the common public of this huge world we have a common responsibility to ensure that every child has a good upbringing and that we are not responsible for spoiling any child with too much of attention.

Anyway, I am going back to channel surfing to see if anyone has got any new pics of Prince George on air. Staying up to date with current affairs, you see?


2 thoughts on “No New News from the Royal Crib

  1. Well, first thing Ill say here is that you need to categorize your posts cuz there are soo many here and it makes it sifficult to browse through all. I dont know if there’s a star rating system over here but it would have been nice. As for your write up, Baby George Alexander Louis is all fit and fine. He’s currently having his dinner there and I just had a convo with him some time back, thanks to BBC World news. Deeeeeeeee


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