Building a Building

There are hundreds of millions of companies related to construction in this vast world and there will be hundreds on engineers in any one of them and my Dad is one of them. Yes. He is an engineer. He helps in building buildings.

I have often asked him, when I was a wee lil’ kid, as to why he took up engineering and why he hadn’t taken up some other profession. And every time, every single time, he told me that he was fascinated by buildings. Like any other typical kid, I looked upon that statement with dubious belief. Because how many people would love building these huge tall things, I used to wonder.

But now, when the time has come for me to decide my career path, my journey, I realized the true feeling of building a building. Its akin to bringing up a child.

First, you have all these relatives and friends giving you plans for his future. Similarly, you have all these architects and other engineers giving you their opinions about the building.

Then, you finally decide certain plans and go ahead. And, you look carefully at every step, every single step. You’ll notice if there is a stumble, you’ll notice even the slightest scratch. You’ll notice the people admiring your growing ‘child’. You’ll take care that your ‘child’, gets the best you can and you’ll be willing to beg and bargain the most you can to give ‘him’ the best you can get.

You will choose the paints, his ‘clothes’. You’ll go through them again, and again and again, because once you finalize them, you should never regret your decision. And every day, every minute you get, you will be eager to go through the entire building again, just to make sure that every thing is upto the mark, because ‘he’ is yours.

And then, when on the final day, the time comes for you to hand him over to others, when you leave him to fend for himself, you might cry, for your only remembrance of him might be reduced to a mere memory and not even a name he will carry.

But, if you have taken these pains, if you have been true to yourself and your conscience and you have given ‘him’ the best you can, ‘he’ will be praised by all and when people ask ‘him’ who brought him up, ‘he’ will proudly look for you among the crowd, he will look into your eyes, see that tiny drop gathering itself in your eye, have that crooked smile on his face and point you out, and thank you. For you, the engineer, are worthy of it all.

That feeling of achievement and happiness is what makes being a engineer in the construction sector worth it.

And every time, you pass by him, you will be  able to proudly look at him and say, even if there is no one near you to hear, “I brought him up. He is my child but some one else’s.”

The D.

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